15 Latest Churidar Dress Designs For Any Occasion

Churidar is one of the most beautiful ethnic wear. Every girl has one in her closet. From the traditional Churidar Dress Designs to the more modern ones, you will see many options available out there. Even in the contemporary world, you will find that churidar never loses its relevance. Many latest trends in churidar has been adopted and has been modernized to make it perfect for this age. That is why you will find that designers are coming up with more innovative and latest churidar designs in the fashion world. These different models of churidar pattern celebrate the tradition of the Indian culture with the lifestyle of the modern woman.

Here are the most new and best churidar designs that we have picked 15 topmost ones to make your work easier. All of these latest churidar design patterns are selected to wear on any occasion and can be accessorized anyway you desire.

15 Latest Trends of Churidar Design Patterns with Images

1. Royal Designer Churidar:

Royal Designer Churidar

This one is probably the most regal of the Churidar Dress Design. The royal designer churidar generally has a breathtaking design done on silk material. This kind of churidar comes with a lot of detailed work, and you will find rich embroidery done on them. Most people wear them with a simple dupatta so that no attention deviates from the churidar’s intricate embroidery. You will even find that the neckline of this kind of churidar is meticulously designed. These are mostly worn during occasions like festivals and weddings rather than a day to day due to its luxurious look.

2. Simple Cotton Churidar Design:

Simple Cotton Churidar Design

The simple cotton churidar design is perfect for any occasion. This churidar model is generally selected to be worn as daily attire. Just because it has a simple design doesn’t mean it is anything less. The beauty of this design lies in its simplicity, and it holds a sense of timelessness. The design perfectly complements the ethnicity of the Indian women while also celebrating modernity with its functional design.

3. Full Sleeves Churidar Dress Design:

Full Sleeves Churidar Dress Design

You can also get a churidar in a long-sleeved style. These kinds of churidar are generally worn when the temperature is a little low. You can choose to get a simple one for your day to day work and something a little more splendid for parties. The perfect look for a long-sleeve churidar design is a little tighter on the top and flowing as it goes down.

4. High Collar Churidar Sleeve Pattern:

High Collar Churidar Sleeve Design

This amazing chudithar dress design comes with a high neck collar design, and long sleeves generally accompany it. It beams radiance and looks chic. Typically it is made with cotton silk crush material to give it a radiant look. It can work correctly as office wear but can also be party wear if you choose a bolder color. This type of design is very common, and you will find it in most churidar stores. This look doesn’t need many accessories, and a simple pair of earrings can suffice.

5. Straight Cut Designer Churidar Dress:

Straight Cut Designer Churidar Dress

This is an amazing churidar pattern for anyone. It is a simple design and can be worn with any dupatta. Generally, people like to carry a more gold color dupatta with such a design. Women with shorter height mostly prefer the straight cut designer churidar dress as it creates the illusion of a more elongated frame. You can pair it with some nice heels to complete the look. Most straight-cut churidars long-sleeved ones, so it is advisable that you were it on colder days. You can surely get it made as a bespoke suit with rich embroidery and wear it on any festive occasion.

6. Silk and Cotton Churidar Dress Design:

Silk and Cotton Churidar Dress Design

Unlike the simple cotton churidar dress designs, silk churidar has more oomph to it. The cotton churidar model is mostly for your everyday wear, but the silkworms are a bit more high maintenance. This is the stitch of the embroidery work done answer churidar tend to get worn out if not handled properly. Your silk churidar can be made in both skins, tight as well as loose, depending upon your preference. No matter what, it will look brilliant and can be styled in numerous ways.

7. Different Colored Churidar Suit Designs:

Different Colored Churidar Suit Designs

For a bolder look, you can go for a different color and model of churidar suit. These latest churidar designs are created by choosing two brilliant different colors and combined to make the perfect look. Different types of threads are taken to develop elaborate designs of vibrant colors. You will surely stand apart from the crowd in such an elaborately design churidar suit. Do not be afraid to pick intense gold colors. You can take the help of the color wheel to find complementary color dyads.

8. Denim Churidar Design:

Denim Churidar Design

Who doesn’t love denim? Denim is the perfect material for everyday wear as it is quite durable. Even if this is not a choice for everyone, you can experiment with this look. Denim churidars pattern can be worn by leggings and can be accessorized anyway you want. Generally, these have a simple design as the denim material is the show stopper here. It is a fun look and can be worn as party wear.

9. Brochette Churidar Dress Design:

Brochette Churidar Dress Design

Brochette churidar dress design is one of the trendiest churidar designs you will find. It generally has a v neck design and have a lot of embroideries done on it. It is the perfect Diwali wear, and you will find it in a lot of colors. You will indeed find one that will suit your needs and can be added to your closet for those extra special occasion days.

10. Side Slit Churidar Design:

Side Slit Churidar Design

For churidar design that exudes fashion and trendiness, the side slit is the one. This churidar design is very popular and can be found in many different colors. You would generally see this Kurtis with block prints, and not much embroidery with shimmery threads is done. The reason behind this is that this churidar almost celebrates the unique cut of the piece rather than the design that is printed on it. It is the perfect wear for college students and would look perfect with minimalist accessories like a bracelet.

11. Mid Cut Churidar Design:

Mid Cut Churidar Design

If you want to make a churidar for everyday life and need quite an active one, then the mid-cut churidar design may be best suited for your lifestyle. The mid-cut churidar design looks stunning and can also be worn on special occasions. Generally, people choose the mid-cut Kurti for their day-to-day and can be paired with palazzo pants. Thus, you can create stylish yet comfortable attire that will look beautiful.

12. Knee-Length Anarkali Churidar Designs:

Knee-Length Anarkali Churidar Designs

A quality look with a rich feel looks incredible at all times for the day. A creased cotton soft items dress stitched Anarkali flared extend to the knees look ideal identify to your determine. Mixed with churidar sleeves and salwar, the conventional suit looks spectacular in a very simple look. It gives off a traditional feel and can be worn with any traditional jewelry. All eyes will be on you when you were such an elaborate Anarkali piece. Of course, this knee-length Anarkali churidar is not for daily use but for those special days when you want to look your best.

13. Gamthi Work Design Churidar:

Gamthi Work Design Churidar

The gamthi work designer traditional churidar is breathtaking and celebrates colours. You will find that most designs of this type of churidar models have elaborate designs, and you will look regal in it. These designs’ radiant beauty lies in its focus on celebrating the handiwork of Indian artisans who brings together traditional techniques along with mesmerizing colours to produce such a beautiful garment.

14. Velvet Churidar Design:

Velvet Churidar Design

As we all know, velvet is one of the fanciest and mesmerizing cloth pieces you will find. Velvet churidars are breathtaking and can be worn to turn all eyes towards you. Many different colors are used to make such beautiful churidars. The focus is on the cloth’s material and intricate, but straightforward designs are generally woven on it to give it the finishing touch.

15. Short Length Churidar Design:

Short Length Churidar Design

The short length churidar design can be available in different styles and design. This kind of churidar gives you a lot of mobility and can be paired with palazzos as well as leggings. You can wear it every day, and it is suitable college attire. You can choose a more elaborate embroidered one and parrot off with beautiful accessories to have a perfect look even on special occasions. This design’s beauty lies in its simple but elegant aesthetic, which is appreciated by most people. This is probably one of the most common and famous churidar designs that are liked by all ages.


It doesn’t matter your sense of style; you will indeed find one particular churidar design that will suit your needs. These 15 unique chudidar dress designs have been handpicked to bring you this extensive collection. Before settling down on the perfect look for you, cruising through all these various options is going to be great. Have fun picking the ideal churidar dress design that will surely make your feel beautiful and stunning!