15 Simple Henna Tattoo Designs Ideas

Do you crave for henna tattoos? Many of the fashion Divas have engraved various designs of tattoos on different parts of the body, which inspires the youth and the people from other age groups. Yet, many people still now belong either from a conservative family where permanent tattoos are looked down upon, or they are scared of getting inked. Then what stops you from getting henna tattoos? Henna has always been of great help to people since quite a long time.

There are a lot of perks in using henna in your body, as of getting henna tattoo design. Henna does not come with harmful chemicals like that of other colours people use these days. It colours the hairs and even skin with utmost care and without any side effects. The colour is long lasting and makes people notice you at the same time. What is the need of opting for chemical tattoos, when you can go all natural? Go through the article to discover exciting design ideas of henna tattoo design!

15 Beautiful and Simple Henna Tattoos Ideas

1. Henna Star Spray Tattoo:

Henna Star Spray Tattoo

Even the children of today’s world crave tattoos. It is not preferable to give them permanent tattoos. So the best option to fulfill the demand to provide them with temporary henna star sprays tattoo design. The design consists of multiple stars to enlighten the skin tone. The system is even appropriate for elders. It comes with several small dots and medium dots worldwide, which make it look the best. The delicate henna tattoo design has a touch of modernization and simplicity, which is the world’s central theme. The henna tattoo design for the youth can be worn anytime, anywhere you want. It can be a suitable cute and small design for the girls attending wedding ceremonies and other occasions to make the henna tattoo look amazing on the arms and wrists.

2. Stars and Moons Henna Design:

Stars and Moons

There can be only one moon in real life, but in your wrists and palms, there can be several moons and stars to brighten your day! Small henna tattoo design with tiny stars and moons on the wrists can be quite an appealing scenario. The short and delicate henna tattoos bring out the best from within you. You can add small dots in straight lines with dark marks, making the henna tattoo design look slightly aesthetic. People would run after you noticing your tattoos’ incredible selection on areas where you can show off. If you are into gothic fashion, then the henna tattoo designs with stars and moons can reveal your gothic sense of style to the world, which denotes your dark beauty!

3. Buddhism Sacred Geometry Design:

Buddhism Sacred Geometry Design

One cannot tell if the geometry learned in the school days are of any use or not. But it is for sure that the Buddhist geometry designs are quite cool. If you are an introvert and do not prefer loud permanent tattoos for life, nothing can be a better option than the temporary henna tattoo designs. The one-stroke simple henna tattoo design can be an overwhelming part of the festive season or any other occasion. The single stroke henna designs consist of small and thin figures like small lotuses, music symbols, capital S designs, and other little imaginative flowers. The lower parts of the designs can consist of several spirals and different strokes from other directions to add elegance to the henna tattoo designs. The Buddhism geometry designs and small dots and other shapes on the wrists, palms, arms, etc., can be a superb idea.

4. Small Flower Pathways Design:

Small Flower Pathways henna design

If you prefer simple and yet gorgeous henna tattoo designs, then the flower pathway design might be an ideal choice for you. You can draw small flowers from the base of the wrist to the point the finger at ease. There are small dotted partitions between the flowers to separate them from one another and make the henna tattoo design look fuller. You can even choose to darken the insides of the small flower designs for proper dark color on the spots.

5. Mandala Designs with Messages:

Mandala Designs with Messages

One of the designs which are trending these days is none other than the mandala arts. The mandala arts consist of a circle or any other geometrical figure proportionate to the henna tattoo design’s base figure. The different small and big strokes rotate around the base design according to the artist drawing it. The mandala art design on the wrists or the legs can be an ideal spot to show off to the world. Circles and triangles are the most common base designs for the mandala art henna tattoo designs. If you add a few dotted lines to denote chains and add a name to the design on the spot, then it would look the best henna tattoo design ever. The delicate geometrical designs all around the big base can make the henna tattoo design look brighter and darker.

6. Simple Anklets Henna Design:

Simple Anklets Design

Are you one of those who are crazy about anklets? If yes, then it is better to get a cool henna tattoo design of your ankles for showing off the darkest anklets of all time. One single strand might look quite incomplete now, but dual anklets with two different designs on the ankles might look the best. You can add little stars and tower designs or feather designs to bring out the best of the anklets henna tattoo design. Small flower designs hanging from the edge of the henna chains on the anklets can be an overwhelming design for women from all age groups. You can use the sharp nip for adding details to the anklet henna tattoo designs. Young people can go for not only one type of anklet design to look cool. Elders can go for ethnic chain henna tattoo designs to bring out the best in one.

7. Simple Heart Tattoos:

Simple Heart Tattoos

The most straightforward and yet the most common henna tattoo designs you can opt for are heart design. The design consists of several hearts starting from a standard big size to the tiniest techniques. The design of hearts can be in several letter shapes like the S and the V. Darkening the medium and the small hearts with henna tattoo can give the design a darker and deeper outlook. Everything in the henna tattoo design consists of hearts of different shapes and sizes tattoo from the base to the end.

8. Back Henna Tattoo Design:

Back Henna Tattoo Design

Do you want to show off the world your unique taste in designs? If yes, then you can go for the henna tattoo design for backs. If you prefer wearing backless or exposing back dresses, then the back henna tattoo design might be useful for you. You can go for complicated designs consisting of mandala art designs and compressed geometrical designs for decorating your back full of dark henna strokes. You can also go for simple henna tattoo designs, which would not make your rear look exaggerated and incredibly gorgeous. The simple geometrical henna tattoo designs on your back can be quite a pleasant image of your simple personality.

9. Wrist Henna Tattoo Design:

Wrist Henna Tattoo Design

If you have been waiting to get some cool tattoo on your waist, then go and get a henna tattoo now! There are several detailed henna tattoo designs for the beautiful waists. You can go for comprehensive and gorgeous waist henna tattoo design on your waists only while wearing core exposing clothes on any occasion or so. You can also go for simple one stranded waist henna tattoo designs on your waist to reveal so much of the core area. You can choose various henna tattoo designs for the waists on mandala arts and other classic intricate designs, which can take hours to form, dry, and leave the impression. You can also go for tattoo-like modern designs of henna on the waists like eagles with flapping wings, wings with darkened feathers, darkly shaded hearts in the between. The design can be wither waist hugging or in the middle on the end part of the backbone.

10. Neck Henna Tattoo Design:

Neck Henna Tattoo Design

If you want to set the occasion spot on fire with your super fantastic henna tattoo designs, you can choose the neck henna tattoo designs. You can decorate the cleavage parts on the chest and utilize the natural beauty with the super exposing and yet fashionable henna tattoo designs. You would not have to wear a necklace or a pendant when you have the henna tattoo design on your neck. It might look strange and not a suitable combination. The modern taste of beautiful henna tattoo designs is also present in neck henna tattoo designs’ comprehensive options. The hanging crystal strokes from the henna design spots can add to the beauty of the design.

11. Gorgeous Upper Wrist Henna Design:

Gorgeous Upper Wrist Design

If you want your upper wrists to look more beautiful than usual on special occasions, then you can go for the delicate and gorgeous upper wrist henna tattoo designs. The design complications stay up to the wrist part only as if it goes further down the fingers; it might look terrible and dark. Combining your skin tone and the dark henna tattoo design would be a perfect combination of beauty. You can draw small delicate bricks in straight lines and then separated them from each other with slight gaps filled with leaf-like designs. The upper palm can have a round or triangle base with small dots and many ethnic outlets. The circle and the wrist design stays connected with a chain like or leaf-like structure, indicating a delicate bracelet on the wrist. You can either leave the fingers empty or decorate them with small geometry and ethnic art designs to give it a superb outlook! You can repeat the same formula if you want the exact design tattoo of henna to fill your palms!

12. Leg Henna Tattoo Design:

Leg Henna Tattoo Design

The leg tattoo henna designs can fit even up to your thighs high up. If you prefer wearing short pants or half pants to show off your beautiful legs, then you can go for all types of henna tattoo design according to your choice. If you are a modern bird, then the super classic geometric figures or tattoo-like feathers, eagles, messages, flowers can be perfect for the things. But if you are a believer of the ancient, then nothing but the ethnic intricate dark designs can proportionately fit your thighs.

13. Tiny Foot Henna Design Tattoo:

Tiny Foot Henna Design Tattoo

When choosing a suitable henna tattoo design for your foot, you do not generally want a huge dark henna tattoo for occasions unless it is your marriage day. So you can go for the simple yet extraordinarily delicate and proper tiny foot design. People would not even understand if it a henna tattoo or a real one. The best part of the henna tattoo design consists of various flowers, messages, and strokes to make your foot look beautiful only to the ones you want. You can hide your henna tattoo for a few days due to its tiny figure.

14. Back Bone Henna Tattoo Design:

Back Bone Henna Tattoo Design

You can get a wide array of options in henna tattoo designs for the back. One of the best henna tattoo designs is the one for the backbone. Such henna tattoos can make the world look at you with a unique outlook. It denotes power and fashion at the same time. It is for you if you prefer wearing backless. The design starts from the top of your back from the backbone and ends deep down on the second or third last backbone. Big rose designs with garland design on the backbone make a mind-blowing option for you!

15. Unique Feet Henna Tattoo Design:

Unique Feet Henna Tattoo Design

If you want to be unique among all the other people with henna tattoo designs, you can go for the individual foot henna tattoo. In the tattoo design, you can make it in such a visible spot even after wearing the sandals. Generally, people design or darken the parts to notice in a henna work. With the unique feet design, you can lighten or keep the noticeable feature of the henna tattoo design blank for people to notice more. The best way is to design the outer parts instead of the main central design, which can be anything like a lotus or a lily or any other figure!


The above fifteen henna tattoo ideas can make you boost your confidence level in public and give yourself some distinctive looks for people to notice. Go through the above article to choose the best henna tattoo design for you!