How Do I Stop My Cough Syrup Addiction

Over-the-counter cough and cold medicines are safe intaking and effective when they are used by physicians. But if you are taking them too much on purpose or accident it can make you feel high. That is leading many people to stop using them. Before the FDA outlawed codeine in cough medicines in the 1970s the OTC cough medicines were created in a cheap and effective high. The drug called dextromethorphan has replaced codeine in cough medicines. It comes with high doses that mimic in effect of illegal drugs like ketamine. At cough syrup addiction treatment you can cover all your issues easily.

More than 125 OTC medicines that are sold to treat the symptoms of cough and cold have DXM. It is a common brand that is famous worldwide like Coricidin. Dimetapp DM, Nyquil, Robitussin DM, Robitussin, and cough and cold. You will not think twice if you find these medicines in your teen book bags, but you should be aware of their potential for abuse. Teens are likely to abuse the medicines since they will get them easily and they don’t need a prescription to buy them. Kids can easily learn where to get the drug and how they can easily use it to get high.

How Do I Stop My Cough Syrup Addiction

How Much is Too Much?

A safe dose of products with DXM that is around 15 to 30 Mg for 24 hours though. It will take more than 10 times for the amount that will let you stay high. There are usually several stages of DXM intoxication, depending on how many times you take it. Effects can range from mild to high. The person will feel it for 30 minutes to 6 hours after the person takes the drugs. If the person takes the amount and then gets very active then the body can overheat easily and you will get a high fever. It is especially a problem for teens who are going to dance clubs. It can sell DXM which will look like illegal club drugs like PCP. When you take DXM than with other drugs or any alcohol, it will raise more trouble for the person. Find all the solutions for cough syrup addiction treatment.

DXM is found in medicine that has other ingredients to fight cold. It takes high doses of pseudoephedrine, acetaminophen, and DXM which can cause a lot of problems like high blood pressure, liver damage, central nervous systems, and heart problems in life.

What Parents Can Do to Prevent Abuse?

Talk to children about all these things and try to convince them to stop it. Studies show that teens are half that they will misuse drugs if their parents talk to them about all the risks. As mentioned the cough medicines that are specifically will explain the danger of misusing OTC medicines in life though. Because DXM products are sold without a prescription many teens mistakenly believe those medicines have a few dangers though.

The good news is that DXM abuse by teens has been down by nearly half during the past decade or many years. Many stores have started to keep these cough and cold remedies behind the counter to help reduce the stress and potential for teens to abuse the medication. Some makes of OTC medicines with DXM have some labels to put on their packages about the potential for abuse. Many states that are going with strict action to stop this are working now.

What to do when you find that your teen is abused by cough and cold medicines:

First, calm yourself from being aggressive. First, collect all types of evidence to prove to your teen that he/she is abusing cough and cold medicines. After knowing everything just take time to guide your teen on the right path by making them comfortable, so that they can share their problems with you. If your child is accepting his mistake and saying to you that he/ she will not repeat it don’t be casual have a regular look on them.

What are the preventive measures you can so that your child may not abuse cough and cold medicines:

You must check your teen’s bag regularly because, in the adolescent period, children take the wrong paths. You must engage your child in some interesting activities which they must be enjoying. Always have dinner and lunch with your child. Always be friendly with your child so that he or she can share their stories with you without any hesitation.