15 Latest Kurti Neck Designs

Are you confused regarding the neck design of your Kurti? If yes, then worry not as it is quite familiar getting stuck somewhere with thousands of options. Here are a few modern Kurti’s neck designs suggested below, which you might find some interest in. Go through the following article to get some idea of Kurti neck designs to rock your fashion!

15 Latest Kurti Neck Designs You Would Like to Wear

Here are a few Kurti neck designs which might win your heart and match your comfort as well. Take a look at the fantastic kurti neck design model.

1. Round Neck Kurti Design:

When choosing the most suitable design for you or near and dear ones, Round neck Kurti design might work out. The round neck Kurti design is the universal Kurti neck design. It is one of the most common design that women prefer to wear. If you choose to wear a round neck design, you will wear them anytime you want for special occasions or regular uses. The round neck kurti designs go well with sober scarf or dupattas at ease. The beauty of wearing round neck Kurti designs lies in the simplicity and smart looks it gives.

2. Scoop Neck Kurti Design:

The scoop neck is quite similar to the round neck design but with a slight difference. The scoop neck design in Kurtis comes with a deeper neck and broader shoulders. It is one of the best Kurti neck designs to show off your collarbone at its best. The scoop neck design is ideal for women with every type of figure from moderate to healthy and fat. Though, it might not bring out the fashion elegance in people with thin body structure.

3. Boat Neck Kurti Design:

The boat neck is one of the most fashionable Kurti neck designs of all time. It is also popularly known as the princess neck design. The fascinating latest Kurti neck design denotes the shape of a boat on the neck region. It lies straight and tight against the collarbones. Like the scoop neck design, it can help you show off your perfect collarbones and drive people crazy with the aura of elegance. The boat neck kurti patterns are highly customizable, where you can get neck designs as deep as the scoop neck designs. It is not advisable to wear a scarf or piece of cloth with the boat neck design.

4. Sweetheart Neck Design:

If you do not prefer wearing a backless design in Kurtis or if you do not at all wear a deep back neck design, then the sweetheart neck design might be just for you. The sweetheart Kurti neckline forms a beautiful heart in the front part of the neck. It comes with a comprehensive and full back design. The sweetheart neck design makes you look like a sweetheart giving touches of elegance and beauty to you. People would automatically notice the front neck part of your Kurti upon spotting such a lovely carved heart in the front.

5. Square-Shaped Kurti Neck Design:

If you want to look fashionable in a traditional Kurti, nothing can be a better option than a Kurti with a square shape neck design. The square neck design is yet another design that is quite popular among women these days. The square shape is a mixture of boat neck and scoop neck design, as it has got a deep front like that of the scoop neck design and wide sides like that of the boat neck designs. You can wear it with dupattas and a scarf as well.

6. Wrap Neck Kurti Designs:

The wrap neck design is one of the rarest Kurti neck designs which can be spotted due to its recent discovery in the fashion world. The neck wrap design is such that it denotes the style from Mughal courts. Back in those days, the court people would wear a wrap-around their necks, which would be of the same neck design. It would be tied at the end on both sides of the Kurti. The wrap design is quite comfortable and gives your neck a stunning unique shape, and rare to find.

7. Collar Neck Kurti Design:

If you want a smart and yet traditional look on your best days, then nothing can be better than the collar neck Kurti design. The neck design of the Kurti comes with collars on both sides of the neck. It gives you the comfort of a tee-shirt and the looks of traditional wear. The comfortable Kurti neck design is more popular among the women going to college regularly or offices where you would not have the headache of wearing it with proper leg pieces. You can match the Kurtis with simple jeans and jacket suiting the color of the Kurti.

8. Mandarin Collar Design:

The Mandarin collar neck design in Kurtis is quite a famous design these days. The slight touches of full neck beauty are incomparable to the other designs. The idea of mandarin collar design has arrived from the Chinese peoples’ office wears. The people used to wear such mandarin collar designs in suits for offices in the early days. The Mandarin collar neck design might not be suitable for summer wear as it can get quite messy with the sweat. There is no requirement for scarf or dupattas with the mandarin collar. It has also got a perfect easy slit in between the coupling.

9. Keyhole Neck Design:

Keyhole Neck Design


If you want to add touches of elegance to your Kurti looks, you can quickly go for the keyhole neck design. The keyhole is one of the best Kurti neck designs of all time. It can help you develop the best fashion statement at ease. The keyhole design is most compatible with the u-shaped neck design in Kurtis. The size of the keyhole depends upon the choice of the person wearing it. It can be significant and broad, or it can be small and thin.

10. Cold Shoulder Kurti Neck Design:

Cold shoulder design in Kurtis is not precisely a neck design; more appropriately, it is a shoulder design where the Kurti’s upper arm piece is cut off to reveal your beautiful skin. It was in trend in the 80s, though, the design has come back in direction since 2015 with a kick! People often like to wear a Kurtis has 2 cuts on shoulder now days.

11. Off-shoulder Kurti Neck Design:

Off-shoulder is again not exactly a neck design in Kurtis, but it falls under the same category as there is no neck design. The Kurtis with off-shoulder designs reveals the whole neck and shoulders to the world for showing off your fantastic skin. The Kurti design is not compatible with a scarf or dupatta at all. The modern touches of western outlook make the Kurti neck design more of western wear than traditional wear. The Kurti neck or broad shoulders design is not suitable for everyone. You can only wear off-shoulders if you can carry out the outfit with confidence.

12. High Neck Kurti Design:

Nothing can present you in a smarter look than a Kurti with a high neck design if you speak of smartness. It is one of the most common Kurti neck designs which women crave for. The Kurti design brings out your inner beauty and makes you confident about yourself, your looks! It might not be for you if you suffer from suffocation quite often. Dupattas and scarf pieces are not at all suitable matches with the high neck Kurti design. The design covers your collarbone but highlights your powerful fashion statement in front of the world.

13. Halter Neck Kurti Design:

Are you a party animal? If yes, then the Halter neck Kurti design is just for you! Halter neck design comes with hollow necks designs and straps meant to be tied around the neck in the back. The halter neck design has been into the trend for a long time now, but it plays a pivotal role in the present world of fashion in the 21st century. Halter neck designs are also not meant for all people. Only a few or selected people who find wearing exposure clothes quite comfortable can quickly wear it.

14. Sheer or Lace Kurti Neck Design:

The neck design of sheer or lace in the neckline is rarely spotted in the 21st century. If you prefer wearing western clothes over ethnic wears, but you somehow have to wear the traditional, nothing can be a better option than the sheer neckline design. The lace neck design in Kurtis is the replacement of the cotton neckline in simple words. It brings out your smartness. Though the sheer or lace neck design is rare, you would look better than most other Kurti designer outfits if you can fit in the Kurti style.

15. V-neck Kurti Design:

The V-neck Kurti design is yet another design that is quite common among 21st-century women. The neck design can be as deep as you want. It is one of the simplest and yet one of the gorgeous Kurti neck designs. If you wish, you can easily give it a try matching it with colorful dupattas and jeans at the bottom. You can wear jacket on the top to look more attractive your look.


The above Kurti neck designs are the ideal and most popular types of designs. You can also try this latest neck design in churidar dress. You can buy one of the above designs, including the ethnic or western ethnic Kurti neck designs, with proper customization.