How to Apply Hair Products Correctly for Best Results

Having the best hair care products is only a step towards a healthy hair care routine. Things may become complicated if you do not know the right order of applying hair care products.

Even if you have the best hair care products, you may not get the needed results when you do not apply the products orderly. Your strands could be damaged, and your products may even seem less effective.

Regardless of the number of products you use for your hair, you should follow these orderly applications for the best results.

How to Apply Hair Products?

1. Shampoo and conditioner:

Generally, shampoo and conditioner come first because many people start their styling process in the shower. Before using shampoo, ensure that it is the ideal one for your hair type. You can get the perfect shampoo and conditioning product for your hair at Kevin Murphy bedroom hair care shop. Every hair type, whether curly, thick, color-treated, or kinky, has the right shampoo and conditioner that will give it the type of boost it needs.

With the right shampoo and conditioner, styling can also become much easier.

You should go for a hydrating shampoo if your hair is damaged, color-treated shampoo if your hair is dyed, and volumizing shampoo is ideal for limp hair.

2. Hair mask:

Sometimes, hair masks are used in place of regular conditioners. But they become important when the hair is very dry or damaged. When applying a hair mask to your hair, comb through your hair with your fingers and rinse out after 10-15 minutes. However, do not apply too many hair masks to your hair, as this could weaken your strands.

3. Detangler:

A detangler helps to prevent tangles and knots. So, you want to keep it close when carrying out your hair care routine. You should use your detangler on your hair in its wet state as you step out of the shower. After detangling, you can then apply other things to your hair.

If your hair has knots and tangles, your styling products will not penetrate well, and there’s a high chance of hair breakage.

4. Hair Oils And/Or Leave-in conditioner  (when not heat-styling):

As soon as your hair is tangle-free, your hair oil and/or hydrating leave-in conditioner should come next. Applying the leave-in conditioner to your hair will prevent your hair strands from frizzing out when dry. It will also help your hair to be more resistant to dampness because your cuticles are open at this point.

However, be careful when using hair oils at this point. If you are heat styling, applying hair oil when your hair is wet will fry your strands. Your hair becomes more susceptible to damage when the strands are fried. If you’re not heat styling, applying the best hair growth oil will not cause any damage to your hair.

5. Volumizing/Thickening Mousse:

This is optional, but it does a lot of good to your hair. Apply thickening mousse volumizing directly into the root of your hair and avoid the tip. The product helps to give weight to light hairs.

6. Heat Protectant:

If you’re curling your hair, blow-drying it, or using any hot tools at all, applying a heat protectant will prevent your hair from getting damaged from heat.

Spray the heat protectant thoroughly around your hair and brush through with a fine-toothed comb for quick spread from root to tip. After styling, you can apply your styling cream and hair oil, and texture sprays for the final look. Apply your texture spray moderately and only when your hair is completely dry!