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Hey divas! Want to be a recognized glamour, beauty, lifestyle and a fashion content contributor? We have got just the platform for you! Glamour Advice is a trending online blog dedicated to fashion, glamour, style, beauty, and lifestyle. We are a top-ranking site with prominent bloggers from across the world and now you can join the network too.

We are now inviting guest bloggers to contribute quality content to our blog for free to continue providing our readers with useful content. Each contribution takes us a step ahead to rank as the leading fashion and glamour blog. What’s in it for you? Well, you get recognized for the work that you contribute. We will attribute the author’s details with every article. You can easily build your portfolio and continue to grow along with us. We make sure that your work reaches our vast audience base.

Requirement to Submit a Guest Posts on Glamour Advice Blog

Glamour Advice is a reader-oriented blog and we do everything possible to ensure that our readers have the best experience. So, all contributors to our blog will have to maintain the strict guidelines mentioned below:


Glamour Advice is strictly a fashion, beauty, health and glamour blog and all contributions must belong to this niche. We do not allow posts on any other niche. If your article deviates from our niche, we have the right not to publish the content.

So the topic should be related to:  Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle and related to our blog categories.

Article length:

All articles that you contribute to Glamour Advice should be of at least 800 words. We usually recommended authors to contribute longer articles up to 1500 words. The topic must be well discussed in the article for the best benefits of our readers.

Article quality:

Glamour Advice has strict quality control measures. Our editors work day and night to ensure that our readers have high quality, informative content delivered every time. That is why all articles submitted by our guest authors must be of excellent quality. Each article must be written in a lucid, easy-to-read style with no grammatical or spelling errors for the benefit of the readers. Articles must contain all necessary information about the topic written briefly without any fluff.

Article structure:

Authors are recommended to submit articles with a user-friendly structure. This may include the use of short paragraphs, subheadings, pointers, italicization of important terms, and such.

Plagiarism and credit:

Any content that you submit to our blog must be free of plagiarism. Any content that is copied from other sources will be directly rejected. If you want to include charts, graphs, quotes, or more from other sources, proper credit must be given with each such inclusion. We encourage and prefer content that is original, unique, and useful.


Glamour Advice requests all guest fashion and beauty bloggers to include suitable media along with their content. All media used must be relevant to the content and credit must be given wherever necessary.

Article editing:

Glamour Advice reserves the authority to edit/tweak articles/posts submitted to us by guest authors. We may add links, pictures, videos, or more if deemed suitable and useful for our readers. This does not require any prior permission from the author.

Link policy:

Content must not promote any particular product, person, brand, or idea. We do not allow our guest posts to contain more than one ‘do follow’ link in the article body. However, any link included in the content must be relevant to the topic and should not redirect to any promotional content. Promotional/ affiliate links can be placed only in sponsored posts.

Payment/Sponsored post:

We are presently allowing free guest posts on our blog. Also, we do not pay our guest authors for the contributions that they make. We guarantee exposure to a vast readers’ community through our website and portfolio growth. If you want to advertise or promote your brand or product, you will have to contact us for paid post. Advertising is chargeable at Glamour Advice.

Social media promotion:

All contributors to our blog must have an active presence on social media platforms. We request our guest bloggers to share their contributed articles on their social media platforms after publication on our blog. This is to gain more exposure and authority.


Glamour Advice reserves the copyright to all articles submitted and published on our blog. Authors do not have permission to publish the same piece anywhere. Not adhering to this may result in the cancellation of the author’s account.

Publishing time:

We receive many contributions from our authors and guest bloggers. All articles are scrutinized by our editorial team before they are published on our blog. Our team works relentlessly to serve fresh content to our readers regularly. We usually publish all contributions within 48 hours after submission. However, there may be exceptions to this and contributions may take 3 to 5 days to get approved. Do not email us repeatedly about this.


We, at Glamour Advice, have absolute authority to refuse/reject articles that are in contradiction to our niche or our readers’ interests. The decision of our editorial team will be final and binding.

Post removal:

Our editorial team reserves the right remove any submission from our guest bloggers if the content is found to be in contradiction to our policies or ethics. We are not answerable to anyone for the same.


We, at Glamour Advice, not only aim to publish quality content but also aim to avoid unethical practices. As such, articles containing harmful information/ideas, products/things, etc. are not allowed. Content must not promote hate speech, harassment, discriminatory beliefs, etc. Any article found containing unethical content will be rejected.

How to Submit a Guest Post to Glamour Advice?

Ready to contribute your best work in fashion and lifestyle? To write for us about fashion, beauty and lifestyle then pitch your topic ideas to us at [email protected] and we will get in touch with you if we like it. Keep reading and keep growing!