How to Burn 3000 Calories a Day

Are you suffering from obesity recently? If yes, then worry not as you can lose weight as fast as you have gained it. The complication within humans is not regarding getting fat or obesity, but it sometimes is just about staying fit. People often put on some weight without any notice and also sometimes lose some suddenly. But what if you have got an occasion in your upcoming days? You would not want the family and relatives gossip about your little tummy! But going through the following article would help you burn 3000 calories a day!

How to Burn 3000 Calories a Day

Burn as Much as 3000 Calories a Day

Things might be painful and quite complicated with the 3000 calories burned per day workout regime initially. But once you gain the pace and get the fun part of rigorous work out sessions, you would start enjoying it more than before! Let’s hop into the following ideas for melting 3000 calories a day:

 Work out Goals:

If you have ever worked out in the gym or at home with manual exercises, you would know the pain of muscle cramps and joint problems in the first week of the exercise routine. If you a novice in the field of weight loss and workouts, then it might be a little challenging for you at first to take the 3000 calories burned a day work out plan. But once you set up your mind, it would not matter much whether you are an experienced gym trainee or a newbie.

It is all in the head as people say! The moment you consider working out as a part of your daily life and set up work out goals, it would not be that challenging for you. You can plan out a workout goal where you can easily set which exercises to perform in which days of the week, what activities would help you burn 3000 calories a day, how many steps or how many turns in the same exercise would help you melt calories in a fast rate, etc. All the above work out goals might help you lose some quick calories at ease.

Activities that Help You Burn Fats:

If you think only work out sessions at the gym can help you seek your ideal figure within a few days, then you are lost! There are several other ways in which you can burn 3000 calories a day without even hurting yourself. Not everybody likes to play with heavy iron machinery every day for burning fats with loud music on. You should know that if you do something with utter happiness and enjoyment in life, it brings you better results than the activities you think are not fit for you.

6 Fun Activities to Burn 3000 Calories a Day

1.  Running:

Is it not unusual to take rounds of the city you are in at present? You can set up specific times for regular running sessions to lose some fat. In general, running for one-hour constant helps you burn 850 calories. In that context, you should run at least four hours to burn 3000 calories a day at ease. It is not as easy as it might sound to run continuously for four hours a day. But it is not essential to run at the same speed rigorously while running. The motion of the body is necessary and not the rate you are running in. you can start with some good speed and continue it at a little less pace when you feel out of breathing. Choosing a particular time for the running session puts an impact on your mind setup and peace at ease. Early morning is the best time for runners to show off their talents.

2. Skiing:

Skiing is quite an exciting activity if only you know it properly. People can burn 3000 calories a day with skiing only if the place falls under a cold region where snowfall in quite often or the site has to have a unique skiing ground. Skiing might make you drop a thousand times at first, but once you gain the balance, you can quickly lose 1100 calories after one hour of skiing. The minimum of three hours of cross country skiing might help you melt some real calories at ease.

3. Swimming:

Swimming is the second most popular activity among all the activities after running, which is common among the people. One hour of vigorous swimming can quickly help you burn calories up to 700. You might have to swim for more than four hours constant to burn 3000 calories a day. Initially, it would be quite difficult for you to paddle through the water for hours constant. But it would ease down once you get accustomed to one hour along with a little more time each day. Adding some extra hours to the swimming sessions would help you reach your goal in no time, but it might cause some pain in the arms, biceps and triceps.

4. Squash:

Yet another sports activity which can help you lose body fats in a constant rate is none other than squash. You can play tennis anytime you want to stay fit and focused on your body. One hour of continuous playing of squash can help you burn 850 calories a day. So you would need to burn 3000 calories a day in four hours or so. You can start with one hour of squash playing activities and eventually increase the timing minute by minute to burn as much as 3000 calories a day without anybody pain.

5. Biking:

One of the most fun activities to melt some calories is biking. Is the feel not impressive when you get to swing in your way with your earphones on and high speed of the bicycle in the most suitable time? Yes! Early morning biking sessions can help you lose quick calories at ease. The rate of bike denotes the speed of your life and fun. When you start enjoying biking, you can lose weight up to 850 calories per hour. In that context, you would have to lose 3000 calories only after biking for four hours!

6. Boxing:

If you want to burn 3000 calories a day, then boxing might be an option for you. One hour of proper boxing helps you burn 800 calories. You would have to be present in your boxing classes for more than four hours to reach your target of losing 3000 calories at ease. Boxing is quite common among males and some females. A tiny percentage of the population finds boxing as a fun activity.

The list of activities is never-ending. The above exercises are a small part of the world of activities to lose weight. The other activities which you can opt for are weight lifting, Zumba dance, rock climbing, hiking, rope climbing and yoga.

Zero Calorie Diet Plan to Burn 3000 Calories a Day

Dieting is not something which everyone prefers as it involves the cutting off of several delicious dishes. It might be that you are a crazy lover of sweets or spicy food, but when you are on a zero-calorie diet, it will help you burn 3000 calories a day without any effort. Zero diet plans do not cut you off from all types of food. You cannot starve! In a zero diet plan, you would have to select a few fruits and food items which come with no calories or minimal calorie like that of the apples. You must continue with your daily exercises, workouts, fun activities, etc. to get over the 3000 calories per day along with the zero diet plan chart. Eating food without calories and heavy workouts can help you lose some significant amount of fat within a little span!

Live with Energy:

When you maintain a calorie log in your diet plan, you tend to stay fit. Yes, when your target is only to lose body fat and burn 3000 calories a day, you need to go through some rigorous exercises and challenging activities to gain your ideal figure. Most of the people forget taking care of their health in the whole procedure of burning calories.

There are high chances of body weakness and health issues in such cases due to the low level of body energy. In the rigid schedules and challenging situations, it is best not to deprive the body of energy-containing food items. You can choose to avoid junk food which is of no use to the body, but energy-containing food like proper amounts of meat and pulses and other proteins like staple food, lentils, etc. can help you heal fast and stay fit, full of energy. It enables you to get up from your bed and spring up and down throughout the day for attaining your ideal shape!


The above article consists of several ways which can help you seek the figure you want in no time. Though, workout sessions and heavy activities full of exercises and proper body movements help you get what you want according to the needs. If you can contribute a few hours from your daily life to your health, it would not cost you much. Stay fit, stay fine.