How to Remove Acrylic Nails At Home

The article is an ideal one for all the nail art lovers out there! If you are not accustomed to acrylic nails and don’t know how to remove acrylic nails at home once done, you have stepped into the right page on the internet. How do you think you will deal with those beautiful yet fake nails after you find them boring? You will get every type of information regarding acrylic nails in this article. Go on and find them out in detail now!

how to take off the acrylic nails at home

The Easiest Way to Remove Acrylic Nails at Home

When you get your nails done, it costs you quite some reasonable amount to beautify your precious nails. Though, real acrylic is illegal as it harms the natural nails to some extent. Choosing to take off acrylic nails in the nail salon rather than at home can cost you some amount as well. But you can skip the worry sessions as the following points can help you get rid of acrylic nails at ease in a few easy steps:

1. Cutting the Acrylic Nails:

Cutting the Acrylic Nails

If you notice correctly, you would see that your natural nails keep growing large under the artificial acrylic nails throughout the time. When you decide finally to get rid of the acrylic fashion, you have to do some cutting of the nails. Acrylic nails are the combination of a liquid and a powder, which turns out hard at the end. Once acrylic turns hard, it would not melt down much and leave your natural nails unless you cut the excess part from your natural nails. You should remain conscious while cutting the artificial acrylic nails not to hurt your natural nails by over-cutting. You can easily make out the difference between the natural and the fake nails at ease. After getting the proper nail cuts to satisfactory natural lengths under the acrylic nails, you can jump to the next step at ease.

2. Remove Acrylic Nails at Home With Nail buffing:

Nail Buffering

The second step to removal of artificial acrylic nails is nothing but simple nail buffering. After you get rid of your natural nails’ excess acrylic, you can take out a nail buffer. A nail buffer is an alternative to the nail file. It has got a thicker base and a body for the user’s comfortable grip without any problem. You can use a nail buffer to shape the natural nails under the artificial ones stuck to them. Nail buffers also pressure the acrylic nails to off or come off from the natural nails. If the acrylic nails’ base is relatively weak and old, then on the usage of nail buffering, the acrylic nails might come out without much effort.

In most cases, even if the acrylic nails do not come off on buffering, they lose the firm grip over the natural nails at ease. The next is yet an essential part of taking off the artificial nails from the real ones. Let’s move on to the next step now.

3. Remove Acrylic Nails at Home With Acetone Usage:

Acetone Usage

The most important part of taking off acrylic nails at home is the usage of acetone. The only acetone which would come in use is none other than 100% acetone. If you think of using any other usual or average nail remover, which comes with a little percentage of acetone, then you are leading the wrong path. Not even the slightest part of the acrylic nails would come off with the impure acetone removers. You can use the 100% acetone nail remover only to get rid of the acrylic nails in no time at home. There are a few sub-steps involved in the acetone part. They are as follows:

  • You have to make sure that each of the nails with acrylic over the natural nails gets immersed completely into pure acetone, which in the process at home.
  • You can use more than one thing like nail dippers, zip-lock pouches, foil papers, etc. to completely dip the nails with acrylic.
  • Nail dippers look like a palate with particular areas for dipping nails in it. You have to pour in the 100% acetone in the dipping wells on the palate and dip your nails entirely in them for a minimum of five minutes, at least. The more you keep your nails in the dip, the more the acrylic nails would melt.
  • When you use nail foils, you can easily repeat the same above step in a slightly different way where you have to pour acetone directly on the foil paper and wrap your nails in them, or you can use other cotton wools soaked in 100% acetone in the foil for wrapping up the nails.
  • When you do not have any of the above items at home, then the last option is to either use a bowl or a zip lock pouch for doing the same step. You can pour the 100% acetone in the bowl or zip lock pouch for immersing the nails for at least five minutes in them.
  • You can wait for the acrylic nails with comfortable grips over the natural nails to fall off directly into the acetone while the immersion procedure. While in the others, you can notice the acrylic melting down little by little and forming an improper shape.

Next, you might have to jump to the next step, which is the most fun part of the whole procedure of taking off acrylic artificial nails at home.

4. Take off Acrylic Nails With Wooden or Steel Cuticle Stick:


Wooden or Steel Cuticle Stick

If you do not have a wooden or a steel cuticle stick at home, you can use any other alternative sharp tool or stick for serving the same purpose, unlike the nail parlors. In this step, you can quickly notice the deformed acrylic nails have in a have melted form. 100% acetone is strong enough to soften and loosen up the acrylic nails’ grip from the natural nails. The acrylic part becomes soft and sticky on the usage of 100% acetone. You can grab the stick to start stroking sharply from the cuticle part of the natural nails towards the top. The bars’ continuous strokes towards the top make the artificial acrylic nails come off little by little.

You might also feel that the acrylic nails consist of actual wax in the procedure, which is not valid. If you think that you would be able to draw off the whole acrylic layer at once with a lot of strokes, then you are entirely wrong. No acrylic nail is easy enough to clean. You can try to take out the maximum acrylic part from the natural cuticles with soft strokes. Too gentle strokes would not let the acrylic layer come off. Simultaneously, too hard strokes on the nails can lead to permanent loss of the natural nails as they remain quite sensitive, soft, and brittle after the use of 100% acetone on them. Moderate strokes on the nails are appreciable.

When you feel like you need to dip your fingers again into the 100% acetone, you can repeat the same above step repeatedly for getting rid of the acrylic part. Each time you dip your nails in the acetone, the acrylic part becomes softer and more comfortable to deal with, but at the same time, the natural nails tend to lose their moisture.

5. Take off Acrylic Nails by Giving Shape the Nail:

Shape the Nail

The following step is yet another easy step now. You can grab your nail buffers or files to shape the natural nails at ease once the acrylic layer is gone from them. You can give your natural nails whatsoever shape and size you want. If you feel that the nails are too brittle, you can choose to cut them shorter than usual to regain the same quality. After buffering of the natural nails, you can easily spot that the natural nails become quite whitish in color and dry in nature. The next step would have you gain back its original quality in no time.

6. Get Rid off Acrylic Nails with Cuticle Massages:

Cuticle Massages

The most satisfying part of the whole procedure of taking off acrylic nails from that of the natural ones is none other than the cuticle massages. When you feel the dryness in your natural nail cuticles, you can easily apply some healthy cuticle oil on the natural nails and massage them properly with the other hands’ fingers on some excellent results. The oil massage gives back the shine of your natural nails. It also helps in the growth of natural nails at ease. Cuticle oil massages on the nails also bring in a healthy and fresh look at ease. It helps in the disappearance of brittleness as well.

7. Get Rid off Acrylic Nails with Nail Polish:

Nail Polish

If you want, you can leave your nails in the air, flaunting their natural color and getting some air at ease. But if you want them to shine back, you can put some transparent nail polish on them or any other color that might be mild on your natural nails at ease.


The above steps have proved it right that you can take off the acrylic nails at home without much effort. Go through the above article thoroughly to enjoy varieties of acrylic nails at ease and clean them off whenever you want. You should keep one thing in mind that the usage of too much acrylic nails can make you lose your beautiful natural nails in no time.