15 Top Ouroboros Tattoos Ideas with Meaning

Ouroboros tattoos are the ones that have the image of a snake, a lizard, or even a dragon biting its tail. It shows a historical cycle of their growing, shedding its skin, and eating that. This image of a snake chewing or eating its tail symbolizes the cycle of birth and death. Alchemy coma has the oldest allegorical symbol, which refers to the eternity and endless return’s concept.

Meaning of Ouroboros

The word has its origins from the Greek words “Oura” and “Boros,” which means “tail” and “eating,” respectively. Ouroboros is symbolic of mythology, psychology, and religion. In modern times, this snake image represents passion, sensation, mystery, power, strength, sexuality, and many other strong emotions. It reflects the strong side of the personality of any person who gets this image as a tattoo on himself or herself.

According to mythology, Ouroboro denotes the Milky way galaxy. It shows a serpent of light that lives in heaven. The Milky Way is the serpent somewhere near the Sagittarius constellation, and it eats its tail. Many of them from ancient times have described it as the universal cycle or the earth cycle.

What do Ouroboros Tattoos Indicate?

Ouroboros tattoos indicate multiple concepts and are symbolic of many things. Some of them are as follows.


Although snake as negative connotations, and also because it teaches fear, yet it is the choice of many to use for their tattoos. The snake has notable features like stealth and adaptation.


Many people fantasize about infinity because, in their understanding, it is a limited incomprehensible period. This also makes them aware of their part in the present time.


Ouroboro tattoos are a totem for the people who believe in the life cycle- birth, death, and rebirth. This is because the tattoo sometimes reminds us of our spiritual and religious responsibilities.

Balance or Dual Nature:

Duality refers to the light and darkness of one’s life and also its importance for existence. Therefore, Ouroboros symbolizes the balance between the quality of life.


Obviously, Ouroboros tattoos reflect the process of life; that is, birth, death, and rebirth. This implicates the importance of living in the moment and being aware of the continuity of life.

Self Reflection:

The tattoo is the best example for reminding oneself of introspection, the ability to search inside self, and reflect what you have to the outer world.

15 Top Ouroboros Tattoos Ideas with Meaning

1. Simple Ouroboros Tattoo:

Simple Ouroboros Tattoo

The simple ouroboros tattoo belongs to the ancient tradition and has various interpretations that may vary from person to person. It is a very simple in design, and symbolizes a snake eating its tail and, therefore, is circular. It has various other designs available and is also replaceable with a dragon. However, though the design is quite simple, yet it looks quite magical.

2. Long Tail Ouroboros Tattoo:

Long Tail Ouroboros Tattoo

Long tail ouroboros tattoo is quite complicated and looks like a pretzel due to its long tail. However, a pretzel is challenging to form as a tattoo because it has many intriguing designs that make it unique but are challenging to draw. The serpent in this tattoo is twisted and has a very bold look. The long tail reflects the continuity of life.

3. Classic Ouroboros Tattoo:

Classic Ouroboros Tattoo..

Classic ouroboros tattoo is also very complicated, mainly due to its length and size. One may quickly get confused as the ouroboros tattoo reflects complexity. The intriguing and detailed design on the body of the snake makes the tattoo impactful. The design is very complicated, which makes it more attractive. The use of grey and black shades to show the scale on the skin of the snake makes it look very classic tattoo.

4. Simple Dragon Ouroboros Tattoo:

Simple Dragon Ouroboro Tattoo

The simple dragon ouroboros tattoo has a dragon in it. It is much symbolic of strength and power. One may make this tattoo smaller or bigger, depending on their choice. The simple design is enough to make the tattoo look fantastic and powerful. The use of shades on the skin of the scale and the perfect outline of the serpent makes it look attractive, and the face of the dragon has a unique character which reflects power so enormously.

5. Simple Serpent Ouroboros Tattoo:

Simple Serpent Ouroboro Tattoo

It is a short, round simple serpent ouroboros tattoo, which has space in the middle. One can fill some designs or leave them just as they want. Some prefer to add some designs or ink their birth dates in between. This simple snake ouroboro tattoo is given a strong impression only because of the face of the snake. The face reflects passion and strength very strongly. Even the shades on the body highlight the tattoo in a very beautiful way.

6. Colourful Ouroboros Tattoo Design:

Colourful Ouroboro Tattoo Design

Colourful ouroboros tattoo is unique and challenging at the same time. It has intriguing designs, and the addition of colours makes it more attractive and impactful. One of the best combinations of colours added to the tattoo is black, red, and green. The colourful ouroboros tattoo has a woman and a very long tattoo in a round form. The use of colours like red, yellow, green and blue make it look very attractive and reflect immense power, passion, and strength to the tattoo.

7. Twisted Serpent Ouroboros Tattoo:

Twisted Serpent Ouroboro Tattoo

The twisted uroboros tattoo has a complicated design and a script as well. It has two snakes that interweave and form a more standard structure than the simple round one. The shades and the dark spots on the body of the snake give it a very strong and bold look. The hidden script in the tattoo is the famous quote of Aleister Crowley, which says- “Do what thou wilt” and also adds a mystical sense to the tattoo.

 8. Flowery Ouroboros Tattoo:

Flowery Ouroboros Tattoo

Flowery ouroboros tattoo reflects the artist’s attention towards the designs and details of it. The outline and the contrasting shades of the tattoo fill the negative space. The face of the snake has a character, although with minimum designs. The addition of flowers and other small structures on the body of the snake gives a personal touch to the tattoo.

9. Dragon Ouroboros Tattoo:

Dragon Tattoo Ouroboros Tattoo

Dragon ouroboros tattoo is a compelling one. It is quite impactful as it has a dragon in it. Dragons took the place of snake long back. One may I entirely use your dragon all snake for the tattoo—the artist made of a fantasy-style dragon using unique designs. The use of black and grey shade on the tattoo makes the system set apart. It also illustrates some mythical interpretations. The dragon looks very passionate and sensational and reflects the personality of a person very strongly.

10. Elongated Ouroboros Tattoo:

Elongated Ouroboros Tattoo

Elongated ouroboros tattoo is union, as one may fail to identify it until they see the snake’s tail in its mouth. The twisted body of the snake distinguishes itself from the common Ouroboro concept. The intriguing designs and the tiniest details which artist has put the tattoo are incredible. Making this tattoo is also very challenging both because of its size and intriguing and complicated design.

11. Geometric Pattern Ouroboros Tattoo:

Geometric Pattern Ouroboro Tattoo

Ouroboros tattoo uses sacred geometry designs in between the round snake. Triple shading is also used to form a tetrahedron, which is an integral design in sacred geometry. The accuracy of intersecting points shows the ability of the artist to be attentive towards every detail. It is very difficult to ink this geometric pattern ouroboros and also time-consuming. It reflects a strong personality of the person.

12. Infinite Wrist Ouroboro Tattoo:

Infinite Wrist Ouroboro Tattoo

Infinite ouroboros tattoo encompasses the wrist and hand of the person. The crisp design of the tattoo makes it extremely attractive. It also reflects infinity and the infinite continuity of life. The tattoo gives a very strong and powerful look on the wrist. The shades on the body of the skin are also very perfect.

13. Homunculus Serpent Ouroboros Tattoo:

Homunculus Serpent Tattoo

Homunculus ouroboros tattoo has a full force impression and is mostly inked on men. It is a mark of Homunculus, implicating immortality. This image is there on all the seven Homunculi representing the seven sins: Pride, Wrath, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Sloth, and Envy. The addition of colours makes it look attractive and impactful at the same time.

14. Bonsai Ouroboros Tattoo:

Bonsai Ouroboros Tattoo.

The next is a bonsai ouroboros tattoo. It gives a positive message to protect the ecosystem. The bones are in the middle of the tattoo also reflects the continuity of the life cycle. Bonsai tree itself is symbolic of balance in nature.

15. Fullmetal Alchemist Ouroboros Tattoo:

Fullmetal Alchemist Ouroboros Tattoo

The last ouroboros tattoo is inspired by the Japanese series ‘Fullmetal Alchemist.’ One can easily find various tattoos inspired by different movies and series. The tattoo on the shoulder is completely bold and black and has a star in the middle space. The fullmetal alchemist tattoo, in a way, reflects the concept of life after the birth of the human race.


Ouroboros tattoos are symbolic of power, mystery, strength, and even sexuality in modern times. However, if you wish to have a trendy tattoo, Ouroboros is not for you. These are classic and suits only the ones who know its origin and symbolism. Therefore, if you want a tattoo, you may go ahead, but always remember that Tattoos are the reflection of one’s personality and therefore, choose something that suits and justifies your personality. Another important thing to remember is to follow all the safety precautions if you want to get any tattoo on yourself.