15 Best Unalome Tattoo Ideas with Meaning

There are uncountable reasons as to why one would want a Unalome tattoo. Of course, one of the primary reasons to get a tattoo is to memorialize something deeply personal to you. Alternatively, you might also want to get a unalome tattoo just for the sake of creativity and art. Whatever may be the case, tattoos are an excellent way to express your self. They are a great reminder too. Tattoo ideas may remind you of your beliefs, happy moments, loved ones, or your journey through life.

Now, tattoos may be of various types and categories. The categories of the design are, again, quite vast. One of the most popular categories of tattoo is the unalome tattoo. Unalome tattoos are tattoos that preach spiritual awakening. The word ‘unalome’ means a path to enlightenment in life. It is a design influenced by the Buddhist religion and culture. The unalome symbol is a small single-lined spiral.

Unalome tattoos have been correctly representing Buddhist art for centuries now. Travelers can find unalomes etched or carved outside any Buddhist statue, places of worship, or pagoda. One example is Wat Bang Phra. The initiation of Buddhist art and unalomes began from the country of Thailand. Steeped in mysticism, the unalome tattoos help people channel their inner energy. The strokes in an Unalome tattoo symbolize the path of life of a person.

The symbol for unalome is one that represents spiritual strength and the quest for personal growth. The tattoo can symbolize one’s path towards their goal. There may be much literal history behind the Unalome tattoo, but as long as one knows its basic meaning, it works just fine.

In this article, we will take a look at 15 Unalome tattoos and understand whether they will suit you or not. Decide which Unalome tattoos you want and dive into a world full of creativity and wholesomeness.

15 Unalome Tattoo Designs Ideas for Inspiration 

1. Unalome Lotus Tattoo:

Unalome Lotus

The Unalome lotus tattoo is an indicator of our motives. It is directly linked to people’s spiritual side. Unalome tattoos that depict a lotus are often very dainty, delicate, and complete with a few strokes and knots on the skin. However, there is a deeper meaning to the knots and strokes. The lines represent what we have achieved so far for ourselves, while the knots mean a milestone that we have already covered. The lotus tattoo with a unalome design symbolizes the want for personal satisfaction and success.

2. Infinity Unalome Tattoo:

Infinity Unalome

Infinity signs are one of the most widely tattooed designs all over the world. Combined with the Unalome tatoo design, the unalome infinity symbolizes the journey of a person visually. It shows the determination to carry on and the will to live their forever dreams. One can add dots, strokes, and knots as many as they want, depending on the tattoo’s size and the message they want to convey.

3. Male And Female Unalome Tattoo:

Male And Female Unalome

The male and female unalome tattoos are the designs that symbolize male and female energy separately. This is pretty much similar to the ying-yang in the Chinese culture. However, one can choose not to get either or tattoos while getting a male or female unalome tattoo. They may go ahead with something more meaningful of them.

4. Unalome Eye Tattoo:

Unalome Eye

This symbolizes the third eye of Lord Shiva. This third eye is responsible for tackling all obstacles in life. Depending on the spiral’s placement above or below the eye, it could mean a direction in life or its lack. However, you can choose to construct the meaning of an Unalome tattoo.

5. Om Unalome Tattoo:

Om Unalome Tattoos

Om unalome tattoos scream spirituality and faith. Om is often tattooed on their bodies by various groups all over the world. However, as used in the Buddhist culture, the symbolic Om tattoo could go beautifully with the dots and strokes of Unalome. Make use of the Om tattoo to find your clan of like-minded people in the world.

6. Heart Unalome Tattoo:

Heart Unalome

This could very well mean that your spirituality and your faith lies deep within your heart. The heart with an Unalome tattoos are very delicate-looking tattoos that offer perspective regarding whether to go ahead with the brain’s spirit. The heart Unalome tattoo is not a very common combination, making it all the more alluring to get it done.

7. Water Color Unalome Tattoo:

Water colour Unalome

This particular trend is one that is growing throughout the world. The watercolor Unalome tattoo makes use of color to bring in a watercolor effect around the unalome design. The bright swatches of colored ink can incorporate more than one color. The watercolor Unalomes stand out when there is enough black ink work done on the skin. It is the contrast that makes the watercolor effect so successful.

8. Bold Unalome Tattoo:

Bold Unalome Tattoos

These unalomes tattoo on the skin are not as dainty as the single-stroked unalome. They are inked with bold strokes that require much ink. People who wish to bring in more emphasis on their tattoo go ahead with these designs. It is merely a matter of taste. One can surely ask the tattoo parlor to amp up the grunge on any Unalome tattoo and get it done straight away. However, the costs of making a bold Unalome tattoos are higher.

9. Coloured Unalomes Tattoo:

Coloured Unalomes

There could be bold colors in the Unalomes tattoo as well. The bright ink makes the designs pop out. Even though most of the Unalome tattoo designs are made out of black ink, it is the person who wants to get the tattoo done. Creativity comes when you can modernize ancient symbols and make an existing design look much better than it is. Since the Unalome tattoos have many elements, it is easier to incorporate colors into the tattoo design.

10. Dainty Unalome Tattoo:

Dainty Unalome Tattoos

The dainty Unalome tattoos come with super fine lines and small designs. They do not have any bold strokes at all. There is less usage of ink. The dainty Unalome tattoos are primarily designed to make the body’s area look beautiful in a very gentle way. These tattoos, however, need to be redone once in a while as they have higher chances of the ink fading away quickly.

11. Floral Unalome Tattoo:

Floral Unalome TattoosFloral Unalome Tattoos

Florals tattoo can make anything look better than what it initially looks like. Florals have taken the world by rage – you can find them on clothes, accessories, home décor, and essentials. Now, yo0u can sport them on your skin too. If you are not happy with one flower on your Unalome tattoo, you can go ahead with more than one flower. Floral Unalome tattoo additions symbolize growth, blooming, and progress.

12. Tiny Unalome Tattoo:

Tiny Unalome Tattoos

This is merely a classification of the Unalomes based on their size. These Unalome tattoos can be drawn to make sure they do not attract any attention at all, or even if they do, they do so in a smart way. There is so much that can be done with tiny Unalome tattoos. Place them on the right spot on your body and watch people notice.

13. Big Unalome Tattoo:

Big Unalome Tattoos

When we say big unalome tattoos, we do not necessarily mean bold strokes and chunky designs. Big Unalome tattoos could spread over a considerable length on your body and still be dainty as the small ones. Imagine getting a long Unalome design down your back with the help of thin lines and tiny dots.

14. Circle Unalome Tattoo:

Circle Unalome

The circle is an excellent way to demarcate an area in a tattoo. The circle tattoo idea makes the tattoo appear full and also adds a new element to lines and dots. You can choose to add more details within the circle, given the space within it. The most common combination is with a lotus flower and a ring. However, the call is yours, and the possibilities are endless.

15. Moon Unalome Tattoo:

Moon Unalome

The moon is often underestimated as a symbol in the world of tattoos. It symbolizes feminine energy, transformation, and purity of the soul. This, in a combination of the Unalome elements, yields more vital energy and more profound meaning through the skin art. The moon is a beautiful way to express the journey of life and reflect one’s soul.

No matter what the design may be, your Unalome tattoo must convey a meaning that you truly believe in. Invest in a Unalome tattoo, and there is no looking back. They all symbolize the greater purpose of life and can be a big inspiration through dark times.

Benefits Of Getting A Tattoo 

Believe it or not, getting a tattoo idea done has its benefits. After all, it is not only a decorative part of your body. A tattoo well done, under clean and sanitized conditions, should lead to no additional health conditions. Let us look into the health benefits of getting a tattoo done.

Tattoos Lower The Stress Levels:

The reduction in cortisol, as well as Immunoglobin A, leads to lower stress levels in a person. It reduction in the cortisol levels thereby leading to an improvement of the immune system. Tattoos can reduce weight issues, migraines and sinus problems, high blood pressure, and stress on memory and learning.

Better Immunity:

As we just mentioned, tattoos lead to a decrease in the immunoglobin A levels as the tattoo triggers an immune response during the making of it. High levels of the Immunoglobin A antibody leads to warding off influenza-like symptoms. Your body’s immune system gets strengthened after you get your first tattoo as a response to the tattoo ink.

Tattoos Often Lead To Placements In Jobs:

Sometimes, the tattoo that you have is maybe visible and liked by your recruiters. These days the recruiters in a company wish to have a young presence that established a strong personality in their workspace. However, offensive tattoos may not lead to a reasonable acceptance rate.

Higher Levels Of Confidence And Self-Esteem:

Of course, when you get a tattoo done, the aim is to make sure that you feel comfortable in it and relate to it. A tattoo draws attention and speaks for who you are. Often, it will also invite compliments from strangers. This adds a boost to one’s confidence levels. The tattoo may make you look much better than without it. This can also lead to greater confidence levels.

Improvement Of Vaccinations:

Vaccinations are challenging to implement, given the efficiency of administering it and the costs that involve the procedure. With the recent studies in this field, scientists worldwide are trying to use tattoos to deliver vaccinations. The DNA vaccines used with the tattoo delivery method are much more useful than regular procedures.

Coming to our topic of discussion, Unalome tattoos check all the boxes. It is a great way to communicate your positive energy, thereby increasing health benefits and getting hired at a company. Now, if you decide to get a Unalome tattoo done, let us look at a few designs so that you may know which sort to pick.


Getting one of these tattoos will not speak for your vibe and represent who you are essentially and what you believe in as a human. These tattoos can turn out to life saviors for many people as the unalome tattoos represent their beliefs. So they turn out to be a part of them and visibly so. Unalome tattoo idea help the tattoo owner walk the path of enlightenment as laid down in the Buddhist culture. For the same purpose, the tattoo acts as a constant reminder. The twists, lines, and swirls in the design are entirely customizable. The straight lines on the tattoos tell the story of the clarity you have in your life.