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Love writing health-related articles? Have you been looking for a platform to showcase your writing skills and become recognized? Then Glamour Advice is just the platform you need. We are an online blogging platform that encourages writers from the whole world to join our network and reach our diverse audience base. If you are good at writing health & fitness, health care, home remedies, and other related articles, then it’s time that you join us right away.

You can join us as guest bloggers and enrich our blog with your quality content which will be fruitful for our readers. Well, we don’t offer any monetary allowances or compensation of such manner. Instead, we offer author credit to every piece that you write for us and make sure that your lovely work reaches every single of our audience.

How to  Submit a Guest Post on our Blog (Health, Fitness and Wellness)

So, you have decided to join us right! Well, before you start writing something for us, there are a few things you need to know. You need to follow every single guideline strictly to be a part of our community:


While choosing a topic, make sure that you choose from health, wellness and fitness niche. Remember that we check each article minutely before we publish them on our blog and make sure no content other than health related articles are being published. You can also submit a guest post or write for us about fashion and beauty.

Article Length:

Minimum article length is fixed at 1000 which can be extended up to 2500 words for longer articles.

Article Quality:

When it comes to quality, we make sure that our readers get high-quality content with proper information on the niche. This is exactly why our team of editors checks each article before they are published. While writing an article, make sure that you take care of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Most importantly, you have to provide our readers with quality information in brief.

Article Structure:

When it comes to article structures, we do not have any strict guidelines that you have to follow. What we advise our guest bloggers is to follow a few simple points like using short paragraphs, pointers, proper subhead and bullet points, etc.

Plagiarism and Credit:

This goes without saying that each content that you share with us has to be plagiarism-free which means you cannot copy any part of your content from some other sources. Using charts, quotes, graphs or images are allowed to be copied from other important sources, but you need to provide proper credits to incorporate such data in your content. Uniqueness, originality and most importantly, usefulness are what we expect from our bloggers.


Using proper media files is a necessity for a good content writer. We encourage you to use relevant media files for your content but do remember to provide credit for the same.

Article Editing:

While you post your content for our blog and get the author credit, the sole right of tweaking, editing and posting any article on our blog remains with our administrative department. We have the full right to add or remove any link or media file that might be suitable for the readers and we won’t be asking for your permission at any point of time.

Link Policy:

We do not allow any type of promotional content on our blog. Hence, you must not write such content promoting any particular person, product or brand. Any link used on your content must not lead to any promotional content either and must be relevant to the topic you are writing on. In case you wish to use an affiliate link or publish promotional content, you need to use sponsored post options.

Payment/Sponsored Post:

Neither do we pay our guest blogger, nor do we charge our guest bloggers. We only offer you great portfolio build-up by exposing your content to our vast community. If you are looking to put up content for advertising purpose, you will have to contact us separately. All the promotional content or links posted are chargeable at Glamour Advice.

Social Media Promotion:

Having a social media connection is a must to get your posts approved on our blog. We encourage our authors to share their article on social media to get better exposure and broader readership as well.


Once you submit an article on Glamour Advice, we hold the copyright to every content. You are not allowed to use the same content on any other platform whatsoever. Not following this rule may lead to your account cancellation as well.

Publishing Time:

Although we have a capable editorial team working relentlessly to offer quality content to our readers, yet because we receive lots of articles every day from different guest bloggers, one single post may take up to 7 days to get approved. Although we try to process every article that we receive within 48 hours, repeated emails inquiring about your post isn’t encouraged!


As mentioned earlier we have the right to reject or refuse any content due to violation of aforementioned rules, or in case our editorial team finds it inappropriate to post your content to our reader’s best interests.

Post Removal:

Under any circumstances, we are not liable to answer you for the removal of your content from our blog.


Glamour Advice is an online platform that takes strict measures not only to offer our readers fresh and quality content but also we make sure that none of the articles contains wrong information or any irrelevant data. We do not tolerate harassment, hate speech or any such ideas that might affect our reader’s base. Any such unethical work found in the content is either deleted or your whole submission is cancelled.

How to Submit an Articles To Glamour Advice?

Are you ready to start your blogging career at Glamour Advice? Pick any topic or idea covering health & fitness niche and mail us to [email protected]. We will be in touch with you shortly and discuss the whole process of guest blogging on Glamour Advice.