15 Simple and Easy Henna Designs for Beginners

Henna has been used since ancient times to dye skin, hair, and fingernails. It is part and parcel of most Indian festivals as well as wedding ceremonies. Both boys and girls wear it on different occasions as a means of celebration.

There are countless easy and simple henna designs available, and the sky is the limit. Many people hire professionals for creating intricate structures on their hands, which requires one to be quite the artist. However, if you want to buy Henna tube and do it for yourself that is also possible.

Even if you are not an expert, there are many simple henna designs out there to replicate yourself—many people like to do Henna tattoos design on their hands just for fun. Even without the presence of any special occasion, they like to adorn their hands with henna designs. It is because it looks not only beautiful but also gives off a sense of elegance. If you want to try out some simple designs with step by step guide then, this article is perfect for you as it gives some of the easiest but elegant henna designs out there.

15 Easy and Simple Henna Designs Ideas for Beginners

Given below are some simple henna designs that anybody can do for themselves. The best part about this design is that it can be done quickly but will look really beautiful, making it perfect for any occasion. It doesn’t matter whether you have a festival at your home or are getting ready for your friend’s wedding; these elegant Henna designs will be your go-to.

The designs have been given in such a manner that you can mix and match patterns while also adding your flair. Think out of the box, and do not worry. Any mistakes that you make can be easily removed as it is not a permanent tattoo. Have fun deciding which henna design pattern you should get for yourself as all of them are equally gorgeous.

1. Asymmetrical Henna Design:

Asymmetrical henna design

It is one of the most effortless designs. The reason behind this is you can do it on both hands, and it does not have to match. The trickiest part about easy henna designs is making symmetrical patterns on both hands. Even intricate patterns with symmetry on one palm are not very easy. It takes a lot of practice to master and an even steadier hand to ensure that the spacing is perfect. However, all these bodies can be thrown out of the window with the asymmetrical henna design.

The design can be done in any manner you want. You do not even have to cover the entire palm for it to look complete. It is perfect for beginners as it does not take a lot of time, and there is little room for error. The best part about this henna design is that it can look well with both eastern wear and western wear. You can add modern designs with a touch of traditional elegance to make it perfect.

2. The Back of your Hand and Up the Forearm:

The back of your hand and up the forearm

Adorning the back of your hands with intricate patterns is one of the best decisions you can take. Henna designs bloom on this part of the body. You can put floral arrangements with its designs going off your arms, which will make your hands look slender and elegant.

A sleek and simple henna designs on the back of your arm, which goes up your forearm, adds a bit of a feminine touch. These floral henna design look very well for any occasion and can be quickly done. It is not at all time constraining, and you will get brilliant results every time.

3. Simple Floral Pattern for the Palm Design:

Simple Floral Pattern for the palm henna design

This is one of the most simple and easy henna design that you will find. Everybody has gotten at least one floral design Henna pattern done on their hand. The reason behind why this is such a popular design is that it is easy to do and will be suitable for any occasion.

Obviously, you can add any other design with the floral design to make it more intricate if you want to leave it adjuster big flower on your palm with small details done on your fingers that is also a good plan. There are many flowers out there from which you can take inspiration to make the perfect design for yourself.

4. Gorgeous Finger Ring Henna Designs:

Gorgeous finger ring Henna designs

This is a fast and straightforward way to do your henna design. It is not only efficient what can be successfully done by anybody. Even if you do not consider yourself much of an artist and doubt your skills, this would be the best place for you to start. This easy henna design art requires you to decorate your fingers.

The design will make your fingers look dainty and beautiful. The best part about the design is that you do not have to have the same design on all of your fingers, so even if you cannot match the symmetry, it will not be an issue.

5. Finger Arrows And Dots Henna Pattern:

Finger arrows and dots pattern

If you are absolutely a novice and not comfortable with holding the Henna cone for a long time in your hand, then do not worry because that is a solution for you too. You can try the finger arrows and dots design. With some simple lines and dots, you can make a simple henna design with great pattern suitable for all occasions.

6. Simple Doodle Henna Design:

Simple doodle henna design

If you want to try out something quirky and as far away from possible from traditional designs, then you can also do doodles on your palm. Just take the Henna cone and use it to draw out any designs you want. Whether it is inspired by your favorite pop culture reference or just something out of your imagination, this easy henna designs will surely catch everyone’s eyes.

7. Simple Arabic Mehndi Design:

Simple Arabic Mehndi Design

For those who are a bit more experienced, you may try the simple Arabic mehndi design. These designs are very traditional and appreciated by all. It may look complicated, but if you practice, you will surely be able to do it yourself. These simple henna designs are perfect for any wedding occasion and also for Diwali celebrations.

8. Leaf Pattern For the Palm Design:

Leaf pattern for the palm

This exciting but straightforward simple henna design is lovely and can be done on both the back of your hand and your palm. It helps to elongate your fingers and looks quite elegant. The options with this design are limitless. Even if you are a novice with henna patterns, you will be able to recreate this design without much effort.

9. Simple Circular Pattern Henna Design:

Simple circular henna pattern

Geometric shapes are some of the most famous bases of any design when it comes to easy henna designs. Circles are very common and well light because they are very versatile. You can draw out the outer ring on the palm and the back of your hand and then add details to the circles to make the pattern complete.

10. Initials Henna Designs:

Initials henna design

For a more fun simple henna designs, you can write the first letter of your name or even the name of your significant other. You can then add different patterns to make it more beautiful.

Henna designs or initials are fascinating to do as how different people interpret different letters is quite fun to see. You can do as many letters or even the complete name if you desire. However, if you are just starting out, it will be better for you to do with one letter and then moved forward from that.

11. Criss-Cross Mehendi Design:

Criss-cross Mehendi design

The crisscross henna design will require you to have a steady hand. Take your time with design, as it will be worth it. The results will surely make you happy as it was quite a fun pattern. Crisscross lines are drawn on your hand, and then details are added to make it beautiful. It is easy to do but will take more time than some of the other simple henna designs on this list.

12. Wristband Henna Tattoo:

Wristband henna tattoo

If you don’t want to have a Henna tattoo on your palm for the back of your hand, you can try the wrist. This is wildly popular amongst people who are continuously busy with their fingers. You can let the tattoo dry without hindering your work.

The simple henna designs on the wrists are simple, and the options are limitless. Think of an intricate friendship band or a lace wristband. These two things can be the inspiration behind your Henna tattoo. Follow your instincts, and you will find yourself with an elegant tattoo that can be paired with both eastern and western wear.

13. Simple Ankle Henna Tattoo:

Simple ankle henna tattoo

You can get a heel henna tattoo, which is becoming common. You do not have to cover your entire foot, making it very easy for people who are not very confident about their Henna tattooing skills. You can draw simple geometric henna designs. The ankle region gives you a small surface area, which means that you do not have to put much effort into making it look full.

14. Heart-Shaped Simple Henna Design:

Heart-shaped simple design

Another popular simple henna designs for newbies is heart-shaped. You can do it on any part of your body. Just draw a heart in the middle and then add your favorite patterns in and around it to complete the design. You can pair the heart with little floral patterns to make it look elegant.

15. Finger to Wrist Wrapping Henna Design:

Finger to wrist wrapping henna design

This is another beautiful and elegant simple henna designs that you can choose for yourself. These designs are perfect for people who like soft and straightforward designs. It doesn’t cover much of your hand. The design generally starts with your index finger, and it almost wraps around your hand to end at your wrist.

This design kind of resembles a very delicate piece of jewelry. It will look perfect for any occasion as you can wear heavy jewelry along with this henna design, as nothing will get overpowered or feel too much due to its simplicity.


All of the 15 simple henna designs given by us have been selected after careful consideration. We have scoured through many Mehandi designs and have found out that these are the most simple, popular, and beautiful designs out there.

These above easy henna designs are not only easy to replicate but also perfect for a person who is getting a henna design for the first time. The beauty of these designs lies in the simplicity, and even if they are not very intricate, which requires a steady hand, they will not look any less beautiful than the ones done by a professional. Have fun replicating these designs and patterns on your palms and making your hands look more elegant.